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We believe that being independent is the only way to provide truly objective and trusted advice. When looking for a wealth management firm, you deserve to know how we operate so you can make an informed decision about working with us. 

Ulin & Co: Modern Investing, Traditional Approach 

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Ulin & Co. is a trusted, independent, SEC Registered Investment Advisor and branch of LPL Financial serving affluent families, business owners, corporate executives and retirees for over 15 years. Our firm provides fee-based portfolio management and financial planning expertise, which includes retirement income, tax, insurance and estate planning strategies that align with your unique needs, goals and vision for your financial future.

As a fiduciary, we bring a fiercely independent approach to wealth management that helps to avoid potential conflicts which exist at major firms. Ulin & Co. partners with three of the nation’s leading broker dealers, LPL Financial, Charles Schwab and Fidelity to provide our clients dynamic service in asset custody, trading, research and reporting.

Charles Schwab and Fidelity are separate entities from Ulin & Co., IFP and LPL Financial. 

Independent Financial Partners

Ulin & Co. is an affiliate of Independent Financial Partner’s (IFP) out of Tampa, Florida. IFP is a Registered Investment Advisor, recognized as the largest advisor group in the nation with LPL Financial (Broker-Dealer) with over 500 advisors and $35 billion in assets under advisement. IFP was also recognized by Forbes and ranked as one of the “Top 50 Wealth Managers in the United States” (Forbes 2013). IFP supports a broad network of truly independent financial advisors by providing branch operational services, training, investment research and compliance resources.

The Private Trust Company N.A.

The Private Trust Company, N.A. (PTC), a wholly owned affiliate of LPL Financial, is a federally chartered bank dedicated to the administration of trusts and other family wealth arrangements such as family offices, businesses and foundations. With over $1 billion in personal trust assets, PTC is ranked among the 30 largest banking institutions in the nation based on total fiduciary assets (FFIEC 2013). For estate planning goals where you would like to appoint an institutional trustee, PTC has the ability to deliver fully integrated administrative fiduciary trust services while maintaining your relationship with your trusted financial advisor.

Financial Planning

Ulin & Co. offers financial planning as a separate and distinct service and fee from our wealth management programs. A key component of our financial planning system is our ability to provide a holistic approach to your financial life, retirement and legacy, while dovetailed to your personal goals and dreams. Utilizing our Plan-Vision360™ workbook, we help clients to “de-clutter” their financial life while providing sophisticated strategies and recommendations regarding their current and future cash flow, insurance analysis, employee benefits review, stock programs, estate planning goals, tax strategies and retirement planning objectives.

Competitive Pricing

Ulin & Co. Wealth Management offers clients the opportunity to work on a fee-only basis utilizing the LPL Financial Strategic Wealth Management (SWM) Program. Working as fee-based advisors allows us to offer truly objective investment advice while aligning our goals with that our clients’ goal-growing their assets. Through our fee-only program we are able to adjust your investment portfolio without requiring you to pay any commissions. Most importantly, since annual fees are based on total assets under management, our compensation is tied directly to the performance of your accounts, thereby helping to reduce any conflicts of interest. Our account minimum to get started is $250K.

Product Choices

Ulin & Co. offers life, disability and long term care insurance quotes along with access to products from many top-named insurance companies. We also provide access to annuities, brokered CD’s, Unit Trusts and alternative investment products including private REITS and Business Development Companies (BDC’s). Within our “fee-based” management programs we utilize diligently screened investments which include are a vast universe of individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds, index funds, municipals, ETFs, Unit Trusts, REITS, options, fund of hedge funds, managed futures and liquid alternative investments.

Information Safeguarding

Ulin & Co. Wealth Management does not hold our clients’ assets. Your portfolio will be maintained at LPL Financial (broker-dealer) that acts as a qualified account custodian. Your account custodian will provide you 24/7 online account access, check writing, periodic account statements, trade confirmations and tax reports. We supplement these reports with our customized performance and holdings reports. LPL Financial has strict policies and ongoing procedures aimed at protecting the sensitive nature of client information. FAQ’s

Fostering Financial Literacy

Ulin & Co. believes in the simple principle that knowledge leads to enhanced financial well-being, confidence and an improved overall quality of life. Our core focus is to advise and educate our clients in a healthy and relaxed atmosphere. Our clients stay informed through regular meetings to discuss their financial planning, retirement and investment strategies. To borrow and paraphrase a marketing slogan, “An educated client is our best customer.” Education is the foundation of every successful endeavor, and our goal is to not only deliver business value, but ensure our clients know not only what we do to provide value, but even more importantly, why.

Exceptional Service

Ulin & Co. Wealth Management strives to provide exceptional personal service. Our cohesive firm culture and high staff-to-family ratio translate into the highest level of client service. We provide our clients with seamless concierge services-including comprehensive financial planning, monthly phone calls, quarterly in person portfolio reviews, financial newsletters and communication as well as invitations to both educational and client appreciation events.

For more information on our FAQ’s or to request more information on our firm, please email [email protected]

*Forbes award is based on IFP’s growth in total assets under management as reported 3/31/11 through 3/31/13.

*As reported by Financial Planning Magazine, June 1996–2014 based on total revenue.

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