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  • Doctor Financial Planning

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    Our Financial Advisors provide an integrated approach for medical and dental professionals as part of our Doctor Financial Planning advice, tools and services

    As equity business owners of our own firm, we acutely understand the challenge it takes to balance the time and attention between seeing patients, dealing with piles of paperwork, running your practice and spending time with family – all while putting appropriate financial strategies in place.

    Shorter average career lengths, longer hours, narrowing margins, managed care reimbursement cutbacks, changes in the health care laws and an extremely litigious society – are just some of the critical factors that must be addressed when creating wealth and asset protection plans for medical professionals.

    With your busy schedule balancing work and family life, you may have been neglecting your own financial health and well-being.

    Five key questions you should ask yourself regarding your trusted financial team may include:

    1. Does your financial advisor really understand the significant personal, professional, and financial risks doctors and dentists are faced with throughout their careers?
    2. Does your retirement plan vendor only provide the minimum time and resources needed to meet your plan reporting and payroll deduction requirements?
    3. Do you have a holistic financial plan in place tying together your business assets, personal assets and estate plan into one comprehensive picture?
    4. Do you have a succession and business continuity plan in place to help protect what’s important in any event planned or unexpected?
    5. Are you working with an independent and accredited financial advisor that strives to work under the fiduciary standard?

    At Ulin & Co., we work as your personal advocate and ‘CFO’.  We function as a qualified financial coach to help you create a long-term wealth plan, as well as to integrate your professional team to make certain all aspects of your financial affairs are working together effectively.

    Financial advisors (like primary care physicians) should be responsible for managing their clients’ most vital interests – from their overall financial well-being to their investments, business, and estate goals.

    Learn how to use corporate assets to address your goals, help protect your sweat-equity and to develop a tax-wise retirement plan. We take the time and complexity of small business financial services consulting off the table – to allow you to focus on what is most important: servicing your clients and spending time with your family.

    Contact us today at (561) 210-7887 for a no-obligation consultation to learn more about our Doctor Financial Planning services, and how we can help you pursue financial independence.

    With our Doctor Financial Planning services, we can help you to review and implement key areas with your financial team including:

    • Business Financial Planning
    • Personal Wealth Management
    • Retirement Planning
    • Business Succession and Continuity Planning
    • Disability Insurance
    • Key Person Protection Life Insurance
    • Cash Management Services
    • Business overhead insurance
    • IRA & 401K based Retirement Plan Consulting

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