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Discover financial independence
though powerful financial advice

  • Plan your best life™, with our financial counseling expertise and personal guidance.

    Planning at Ulin & Co. is a distinct counseling program for people just like you who work hard for their money and want to get their “financial house” in order.

    Our firm provides fee-based portfolio management and comprehensive planning strategies that align with your unique goals and concerns.

    Utilizing our Plan Your Best Life™ program, we help clients manage and track their financial life with their very own dynamic, cloud-based secure dashboard which includes live data feeds, goal tracking and collaboration with your advisor on various topics including:

    • Portfolio management
    • Household annual cash flow
    • Retirement income planning
    • Social Security analysis
    • Estate planning strategies
    • Tax strategies
    • Insurance planning
    • Employer benefits analysis
    • Life events

    A well-designed financial plan should operate as your Financial GPS or roadmap, allowing you to see and understand the current and future impact of each of your financial decisions in advance. The starting point for your holistic plan will include the six key fundamental elements of financial planning as outlined by the CFP® Board of Standards.

    Your analysis will provide detailed illustrations and projections on how long your money will last while testing different retirement distributions, investments and market conditions for the long run. We will address how to minimize retirement shortfalls and analyze how taxes and inflation can affect your results over time.

    Your advisor will work diligently as your “CFO” and advocate to help orchestrate your financial life and holistic plan every step of the way. We can help to coordinate and implement your recommendations with your CPA and Attorney.

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