Inheritances & Settlements

  • Inheritances and Settlements

    With big decisions to make regarding inheritances and settlements, an experienced, fiduciary financial advisor can help you to make better, smarter decisions up front while coordinating with your financial team (attorney, CPA.)

    If you have received a large sum of money – perhaps from the loss of a spouse, inheritance, business sale, divorce or personal injury settlement, then you will want to ensure that you make the right decisions in the short term. Using our experience of working with clients in a similar situation, we can probably help.

    We will start out by creating a holistic financial plan for you while identifying your lifestyle goals and what this money means for you. For some people, money creates feelings of fear or responsibility – perhaps the fear of making the wrong decisions or possibly the feeling of responsibility to “do the right thing” with the money because of where it came from. Understanding that we all view money differently and have different feelings about investing, enables us to help clients to use their money to best help them meet their personal and financial goals.

    After that, we provide independent wealth management services – dovetailing advice at this stage with your financial plan. Sometimes, our financial planning skills enable us to show clients choices that they didn’t know they had. This can help to reduce stress and provide direction to invest with confidence.

    Finally, we can help you to review, organize and implement recommendations for your estate plan. We can either work with your legal team or consider utilizing our ‘in-house’ counsel. The overall purpose of the estate planning process is to develop a plan that will help to enhance and maintain the financial, health, wealth and futures of clients and their families.

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