Employee Transition

  • Employee Transition

    It can be difficult, time consuming and stressful to be faced with many big financial decisions regarding your employee transition options and your household finances all at the same time.

    We’re committed to helping you get organized, simplify complex information and increase your knowledge in multiple areas of personal finance to help you make important money-smart decisions while starting this next chapter of your life.

    Tools & Resources

    • Changing Job Check-list (next level tools & resources)
    • Surviving Financially Strategies (budgeting, debts, credit score)
    • 401(K) Choices (including rollover distribution strategies)
    • Healthcare Counseling (COBRA & personal healthcare options)
    • Portable Benefits Review (life, disability, LTC, HSA)
    • Cash Flow Analysis (unemployment compensation, severance package, spousal benefits, pension options, Social Security)

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