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    Strategic Portfolio Management from Ulin & Co. is our cornerstone approach to fee-based portfolio management and planning.

    The Ulin & Co. Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) Program provides an open-architecture “fee-based” approach that takes the emotion out of investing. This program is customized and managed by your financial advisor while driven by your unique financial goals and risk tolerance. Our firm partners with Charles Schwab, Fidelity and Pershing to provide dynamic service in asset custody, trading and research.

    Our process-driven, time-tested investment program allows you to focus on a sound, repeatable investment process, and its results, not commissions. Since annual fees are based on total assets under management, our compensation is tied directly to the value of your accounts, thereby helping to reduce any conflicts of interest.

    How we charge:

    Our firm provides a competitive “tiered” fee management schedule based on your total account value. Your advisory fee is assessed over the course of the year in monthly increments. Working as fee-based advisors allows us to offer objective financial advice while aligning our goals with that of our clients; growing their wealth.

    Through our fee-only program, we are able to adjust your investment portfolio without requiring you to pay any additional commissions regardless of the number of trades placed on your behalf. 

    Our Portfolio Management Strategies:

    Ulin & Co. provides a dynamic-strategic “model-driven” approach to wealth management. Our select lineup of sophisticated “all-weather” portfolios are built around low cost, no-load ETF’s and mutual funds from many of the most prominent investment companies with names you are familiar with. Through our diligent research, the investments in each of our models are tracked, tested and reviewed each month. The results then flow into our trading recommendations and ultimately our portfolio holdings for our clients. 

    We are continuously monitoring the global investment landscape to try to identify tomorrow’s winners today. Guided by four tenants: research, performance, transparency and service, our team is committed to delivering to our clients on all four through objective advice, actionable investment guidance, timely economic and market perspectives and visibility into our process.

    We have access to independent research, state-of-the art technology and comprehensive investment tools to help implement and track your portfolio. Still, there is no “one-size-fits-all’ solution. Your age, financial goals, unique circumstances and feelings about risk all help to dictate the method of investing and our work together.

    Investment Due Diligence

    With closely integrated research, trading and portfolio management oversight, we constantly monitor risk/reward relationships across sectors to identify attractive investment opportunities and implement our early sell discipline when appropriate in our fee-based programs.

    Within an asset class, there can be multiple styles and variations, each of which can act differently in a given market condition. Our investment team focuses on finding investments and managers that best represent each sub-style within an asset class.

    Even the best sub-style manager may underperform when market conditions cause their sub-style to be out of favor. Therefore, we also try and find “all-weather” managers and investments. These managers typically do not have dramatic outperformance or underperformance in any market condition – instead they post more consistent returns.

    Portfolio Management Oversight

    Ulin & Co. will trade and rebalance your accounts and handle operational tasks such as investing contributions and freeing up cash for any requested withdrawals and or Required Minimum Distributions. Each of our strategic portfolio models and underlying holdings are monitored monthly while rebalanced and reoptimized on a quarterly basis according to specific metrics.

    Retirement Paycheck

    Retirement can be a wonderful time and a milestone many people are excited to reach. Without the right planning It can also be a time of great stress and uncertainty coping with the daily tasks and challenges of maintaining your health, household budget, family and investments through your 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.  

    A top concern for many retirees is keeping up with the cost of living (COLA) and not outliving their nest-egg. Typical “rules of thumb” for portfolio income do not account for new economic realities of today’s historically low interest rates combined with immense market volatility.  Holding primarily an individual stock portfolio for income through your golden years, or utilizing large amounts of insurance and illiquid alternative investment products may come with a downside and hidden risks that may not be readily apparent. 

    Whether you are seeking growth before retirement, or tax efficient income, moderate growth and capital preservation through your golden years, we can help you to implement a “three-bucket” retirement paycheck strategy between your (1) cash reserves (2) taxable accounts & trusts and your (3) IRA’s while deploying a customized wealth management plan that fits your goals and risk tolerance.  Most important, we will continue to meet with you quarterly while continually managing and monitoring your portfolio and plan. 

    Call Jon Ulin, CFP®, CEO today at (561) 210-7887 or email [email protected] to register for your no-obligation portfolio stress test and retirement review.

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