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    Currently, women constitute half of the U.S. workforce and control more than 50% of the wealth in the U.S., according to statistics cited by the National Council for Research on Women. So why are women across the wealth spectrum prone to doubting themselves in money matters? When it comes to financial matters and investing, women think and act much differently than their male counterparts. You may feel a little intimidated when it comes to finances and you may not know exactly what questions to ask and who to ask them to.

    Oftentimes women, unlike their male counterparts, are comfortable with the long-term view – and pick up financial planning strategies quickly. Women focus on how spending, saving and investing can support their life goals and protect their family. “For women, money is about a lifestyle, while for men it can be more about winning and losing in the short-term. That’s a key difference we see.” (Forbes 3/16/10 –Do Men And Women Think About Money Differently?)

    Women and wealth education is a big part of our practice. A good portion of Ulin & Co. clients are either married, single, divorced or widowed women. We treat our professional and retired women clientele as more than just a ‘number,’ and really go the extra mile to provide them the additional time, personal attention, education and support – to make well-informed financial decisions.

    Financial Planning

    Our experience working with women and wealth involves more than just providing an investment product or service. It involves creating a holistic financial plan while addressing their budget, retirement, family and legacy goals. We work as their financial advocate for the long-term, and help them to stay informed while making important decisions. Our goal is to empower our women clientele to make wise financial decisions in order to improve and maintain their financial health, wellbeing, and money-mindset.

    Call us at (561) 210-7887 or Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation to learn more about our firm capabilities and how we can help you.

    Career Transition & Job Change

    Whether job loss, job change or promotion, Ulin & Co. Wealth Management can help you make smart financial decisions during a career transition through our Women and Wealth services. Some strategies we will cover with you will include how to:

    • Create a household budget and review how to reduce spending and avoid debt.
    • Take inventory of your assets and know where you stand financially.
    • Discuss your 401K, stock options and a comprehensive investment strategy.


    Along with the emotional impact on family and children, divorce can present many challenges, including how to manage your financial future. Ulin & Co. Wealth Management can help you to make informed decisions by understanding the final ramifications of different settlement scenarios during a divorce and work as your personal financial advocate to coordinate your team of financial and legal representatives.

    If you are just beginning this process we can also refer you to a local divorce attorney from our network. We understand that you are facing a difficult time at this point in your life, and are here to listen.

    Our job is to assist and counsel you and your legal and tax advisors to understand the financial outcomes of divorce settlement options. This analysis does not include a recommendation about which divorce settlement option is best for you. You and your attorney must make that determination. Once you have made your decisions, we can help you to set up accounts in your name and work as your personal wealth advisor to execute on the division of your assets.

    Our goal is to help navigate a good, clean settlement during your mediation in a timely manner and help to avoid driving your anguish– and legal fees-into the future. A fair and equitable settlement addresses the concerns of both parties while equitably dividing property and income so that one party does not become state-dependent. While in many cases it may never that easy to get divorced, you can rest assured that our team is in your corner.

    We can help you to review important divorce decisions including:

    • Providing you an up-front inventory and ownership list of current family assets, debts and insurance along with possible separation /divorce scenarios.
    • Providing you tax, cash flow, liquidity, retirement and financial ramifications.
    • A review of your new (future) estate plan goals and options for your immediate family and those under your care.
    • Developing a personal wealth plan, while assisting you to consolidate your new brokerage and retirement accounts in your name- and set up appropriate beneficiary designations once the divorce is finalized.
    • Create a holistic financial plan addressing your short-term needs and your long-term retirement goals and Social Security options.

    Contact us today or call (561) 210-7887 for a no-obligation consultation to learn more about our firm capabilities and how we can help you.


    We understand the emotional hardship and challenges you face when losing a spouse. Grief has its own schedule and cannot be rushed. At the same time there are certain decisions that must be made and acted on to protect your assets and estate. Ulin & Co. Wealth Management will support you with important decisions that need to be made which will impact your financial situation for the rest of your life.

    Consider working with an advisor and a firm that really cares and has an interest in your life and your financial well-being. Our experience working with clientele in these situations involves more than just providing wealth management services. It involves keeping them on track, reducing stress, becoming their personal financial advocate and helping to reduce retirement and investment pitfalls that arise over time.

    Ulin & Co. is a bit old-fashioned in our service approach and provides the ‘straight talk’ in easy to understand language. Our work ethic is rooted in the values of hard work, loyalty and integrity by providing exceptional service and personalized advice at every step.

    We can help you to:

    • Review your new estate plan goals for your immediate family and those under your care.
    • Take inventory of your assets, debts and insurance coverage to outline where you stand, and to discuss your options.
    • Develop a personal investment plan, help you to consolidate your brokerage accounts and set up appropriate beneficiary designations.
    • Develop a personal financial plan to organize and track your new tax, estate, retirement, investment and insurance planning resources and goals. We can also help to review your Social Security options.

    In many instances, our client’s children are initially involved with our meetings for both emotional support and to help their parent’s understand and make important financial, estate, tax and investment decisions at such a difficult time. We welcome family members to be part of our process and to get to know them as well.

    Don’t Be Just a Number!

    The most significant issue clients have today about their relationship with their Financial Advisor is that they feel like a number. Experience the difference of working with an accredited advisor and experienced team that truly cares about what matters most to you and your family.

    How may we help you reach your goals?

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