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    When it comes to retirement planning, you’ll have the time, but will you have the money? Plan your best life®, with our retirement planner expertise and personal guidance.

    Retirement can be a wonderful time and a milestone many people are excited to reach. Without the right planning It can also be a time of great stress and uncertainty coping with the daily tasks and challenges of maintaining your health, household budget, family and investments through your 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

    A top concern for many retirees is keeping up with the cost of living and not outliving their nest-egg. Typical “rules of thumb” for portfolio income do not account for new economic realities of today’s historically low interest rates combined with immense market volatility.

    Ulin & Co. provides fee-based portfolio management and retirement income strategies that align with your unique goals and concerns though your golden years. Utilizing our Plan Your Best Life® program, we help clients manage and track their financial life while collaborating on various topics.


    Do you have a retirement paycheck strategy in place? We can help you implement a tax-efficient “income for life” program that works to address your lifestyle goals and financial needs for the long run. Your analysis will provide detailed illustrations and projections on how long your money could last while testing different spending, investing, distribution and market conditions over time.

    Your retirement plan will also provide an overview of your household essential and discretionary expenses. We will address ways to minimize cash flow shortfalls, create a sound investment management program and analyze how taxes and inflation could affect your goals over time.

    Our team will serve as your personal “CFO” and financial advocate to help orchestrate your financial life and holistic plan every step of the way. We will sync-up with your attorney and CPA (by request) to coordinate your recommendations.

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