Fiduciary Wealth Advisor Process

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    Ulin & Co. Wealth Management’s fiduciary wealth advisor process will help you seamlessly transition to our firm and selected custodian as the starting point for our concierge-level service and quarterly meetings to help keep you on track for financial independence to and through your retirement years. 

    We understand that every client’s goals, concerns and risk tolerances are unique. After developing a thorough dialog, we will work together to create a customized wealth management and planning program designed just for you while parting with your financial team (estate attorney, CPA, trustees, etc.). 

    Once we get started, your investment accounts custodian will be Charles Schwab, Fidelity or Pershing. A Financial Advisor at Ulin & Co. will be designated as your Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) and dedicated account manager. Our firm does not take custody of client assets. We simply advise on your accounts, place trades and request changes on your behalf at your selected broker-dealer.

    Our Six Step Fiduciary Wealth Advisor Process

    1. Discover your goals
    Your Financial Advisor will help you to complete a confidential personal profile which will allow us to explore your current financial situation and goals. For your first meeting, we will have a frank discussion about your investment experience, values, beliefs and priorities. Goals need to be defined and quantified so that your assessment can identify gaps between your current investment strategy and stated objectives. We will cover the following:

    • Assess your cash flow, assets, liabilities, retirement, tax and estate plan status.
    • Understand your investment goals.
    • Review your current portfolio statements.
    • Discuss our portfolio management and financial planning services.
    • Provide information on our team, branch and broker-dealer custodians.

    2. Determine Your Investment Objectives
    Determining your investment objectives and risk tolerance is the foundation of creating your investor policy statement and in determining your asset allocation while considering your age, financial status, goals, tax status and feelings about risk. Once an acceptable risk-return profile is developed, benchmarks can be established for tracking your proposed portfolio’s performance over time. Your asset allocation strategy is based on a snapshot of your current situation and goals and is usually adjusted as life changes occur. We will cover the following:

    • Develop Investor Policy Statement.
    • Assess investment objectives.
    • Verify Risk Tolerance.
    • Determine asset allocation.

    3. Recommend Your Investment Strategy
    You will receive a detailed investment analysis of your current portfolio and proposed recommendations from your wealth advisor. We may be able to hold and/or manage some of your current products and investments as part of our strategy. We will cover the following:

    • Provide a detailed analysis of your current portfolio holdings, performance, risk, fees and expenses.
    • Outline our Strategic Portfolio Management (fee-based) program.
    • Review brokerage, insurance, annuity and alternative products where appropriate.
    • Present your customized portfolio investment strategy – including buy-sell decisions.

    4. Implement Your Recommendations
    After careful consideration, you agree upon the best approach to take and we put your personalized plan into action. It typically takes about 7-10 business days from our initial meeting to open your new accounts and transfer over your existing business. Once we get started, a Financial Advisor at Ulin & Co. will be designated as your Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) and dedicated account manager. Our firm does not take custody of client assets. We simply advise on your accounts, place trades and request changes on your behalf at your selected broker-dealer.We will cover the following:

    • Complete and sign all new account opening paperwork.
    • Execute account transfers and funding.
    • Provide online account access from selected custodian.
    • Connect to our Plan Your Best Life™ client website.

    5. Portfolio Management and Optimization
    Ulin & Co. Wealth Management takes an objective , fee-based approach to investing by providing guidance through our Strategic Portfolio Management program. We utilize the latest technical analysis and trading software to enhance investment entry and exit decisions, helping you to capitalize on investment opportunities while staying on top of economic and market changes. Our investment team constructs strategic, “all-weather” portfolio models utilizing no-load, low cost, active and passive investments. We will cover the following:

    • Economic and Market Research.
    • Sector Analysis.
    • Portfolio Construction.
    • Investment Selection.
    • Monitoring Entry/ Exit Strategy.

    6. Track Your Progress Through Regular Review Meetings
    As a Ulin & Co. Wealth Management client, we will continually work with you to monitor your wealth, update you on our current investment strategies, and learn about vital issues affecting your financial well-being. We will set up a service and communication plan that is appropriate for you. Our focus is to provide ongoing “concierge” level services, technology and resources composed of the following program elements:

    • Ongoing review meetings in person and by phone with your advisor.
    • Continual portfolio management, rebalancing and optimization
    • Plan Your Best Life™ client financial website with live feeds, tools and resources.
    • Investment newsletters and educational events hosted by Ulin & Co.
    • Monthly statements, trade reports and tax reporting provided from your account custodian.

    Let’s start a conversation today to learn more about our fiduciary wealth advisor process. Simply give us a call at (561) 210-7887 or contact us to set up your no-obligation portfolio risk analysis and retirement income check-up.

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