LGBTQ+ Planning

  • Domestic Partnership/LGBTQ+ Planning

    Domestic Partnership Planning for LGBTQ+ couples can be challenging. To create the benefits of a legal marriage, you need to understand the complex and changing tax and legal landscape.

    While every situation is different, there will be an avalanche of new requirements following the 2013 Supreme Court’s landmark decision on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). The unconstitutionality of DOMA will change the landscape of what you are entitled regarding your partner’s Federal Social Benefits –as well as your legal rights regarding your partners work related employer plan sponsor benefits. We can help you to review your employer health benefit plan, as well as the framework of your 401(k) plans including beneficiary arrangements.

    At Ulin & Co. Wealth Management, we are sensitive to your needs and highly experienced in working with same-sex couples for financial planning and wealth management strategies and services. All our cases can be coordinated with our in-house estate planning attorney that also has experience in current laws and understanding your specific issues.

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