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*MarketWatch 4.10.21 Whether you’re retiring in 30 years or 5 years: ““Managing your money to help meet your retirement and other long-term goals while assessing risk, should not involve emotions, darts, tarot cards or luck, like playing a roulette wheel in Vegas where the ‘odds are on the house,’” Ulin said. “It should involve a scientific approach to determining your willingness and ability to tolerate risk while taking control of your own results and financial future.”

*Investors Business Daily  4.9.21 Advisors Take Pulse Checks: ” During these calls, Ulin uses his CRM to identify any pending issues pertaining to the client’s overall situation. This way, he can remind them to follow through on to-do tasks involving insurance, estate planning or other financial matters. “Automation is everywhere,” Ulin said. “But nothing beats an unplanned, outbound phone call to a client, especially during bouts of high market volatility.”

*The Street 3.30.21 Helping Americans’ Retirement Plans Recover From COVID: “His advice is to aim to save at least your annual income by age 30, three times your annual income by 40, six times by 50, 10 times by 60, and 13 to 15 times your annual income by age 65.” “Not knowing your destination or goal for a 30+ year retirement is like traveling through a foreign city without a map or GPS,” said Ulin.

*Yahoo 1.5.21 Pandemic has been ‘extremely disruptive’ for retirement plans: “It’s not surprising that the markets reached another record high last quarter and may continue to reach new highs through 2021. As many individuals, small businesses, and corporations have learned to adapt, if not thrive through COVID, a substantial sliver of America has been doing better than ever, or at least just fine,” said Ulin


*CNBC 2.28.20 Here’s why a market correction could be a good thing for your 401(k): “Panicking and going completely to cash in your employer 401(k), robo-advised strategies or personal brokerage accounts can end up derailing your investment goals for the long run,” says Jon Ulin, CFP and founder of Ulin and Co. Wealth Management,” said Ulin

USA Today 10.27.20 5 financial moves you need to make before the end of 2020: “Review credit cards, student loans, mortgage, home equity, auto loan and any other obligations that are either floating or have interest above 6%, and consolidating higher debt obligations into lower-rate fixed programs to benefit from today’s ultra-low rates – or focus on paying them off in the next six to 12 months,’ said Ulin.

Investment News 11.10.20 RIAs relish the idea of government gridlock under Biden: “Biden’s goal to expand stimulus measures from individuals to businesses will again juice spending, the economy and stocks as we saw this happen in the second half of 2020,” said Ulin


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