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The following articles were prepared by third parties and include quotes from individuals or entities that are not affiliated with IFP Securities, LLP or Ulin & Co. Wealth Management. The opinions voiced in the following materials are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual.

To determine which investment(s) may be appropriate for you, consult your financial advisor prior to investing. All performance referenced is historical and is no guarantee of future results. All indices are unmanaged and may not be invested into directly.

There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Diversification does not protect against market risk.  No strategy ensures success or protects against a loss.

2019 Interviews

Yahoo 11.10.19  Open enrollment 2020: Choose the best employer benefits “One year’s worth of salary is not enough life insurance for most families. Does that mean you should you sign up for the supplemental coverage your employer offers? That depends on your health,” said Ulin

CNBC 10.7.19 Is a pension lump sum right for you (GE buyout) “You have to decide ‘do I want the risk of a pension with no inflation protection, or do I want to manage the money myself and have it not work out as well as planned,’” Ulin said.

Investment News 7.19.19 Golden opportunity to hedge risk “While the role of gold as a currency is ubiquitous around the world, knowing when or how much to hold in your portfolio can be a tricky game,” said Ulin

Investment News 7.8.19 Morningstar emphasizes fees, performance in upgrade of fund ratings ”In most cases, the outcome of an active mutual fund’s performance does not always live up to its grandiose name, star ratings or competing to be the lowest-cost player in their sector,” said Ulin

Investment News 5.1.19 Advisers put fundamentals ahead of sell-in-May warning “The bull market may be long in the tooth, but the technicals of low unemployment, low inflation and positive GDP numbers don’t support a major pullback in May,” said Ulin

USA Today 4.25.19 8 ways to spring clean your finances “A consolidated approach and having less accounts will help to provide a more streamlined approach to your money management approach,” said Ulin

Investment News 4.25.19  8 adviser fears for 2019 “Investors seek out information that confirms or validates their biggest fears and end up making hasty decisions,” said Ulin

Think Advisor 3.19.19  11 Financial Mistakes Retirees Make “We remind investors to always consider the return ‘of’ their money as well as the return ‘on’ their money with every trade or purchase…there is no such thing as a free lunch, said Ulin

Investment News 2.25.19 Is a recession right around the corner?  “Regarding the 20% market drop at the end of 2018, we remind our clients and investors that it is possible to have bear market indicators flying around without actually being in a recession,” said Ulin

2018 Interviews

IBD 12.7.18 Advisors Use Analogies To Demystify Complex Concepts For Clients “Jon Ulin hosts a daily radio show called “Mastering Your Wealth.” He strives to simplify complex concepts and often uses analogies from medicine, cooking to driving to appeal to a broad audience.

WPTV 9.21.18  Freezing your credit is now free ““Somebody graduates from college, they apply for a job and there a lot of bad things on the record, might not get that job may not be able to get a car loan and not be able to rent your first apartment,” said Ulin.

US News 8.13.18 How Retired Investors Can Avoid Bankruptcy Woes “While you may love your kids and grandkids, don’t’ bankroll them at the expense of your retirement,” said Ulin

US News 7.27.18 Out With the $1 Million Goal for Retirement: What You Will Really Need “Keep in mind that medical expenses could be a large part of your retirement budget. You’ll likely have access to more advanced health care than what was available in the past, but those procedures and medicines can come with a high price tag,” said Ulin

US News 6.25.18 Small and Mid-Cap Stocks Benefit from Tax Cut “Small and mid-sized companies may receive a greater benefit from the recent corporate tax reform compared to large companies who pay upwards of 40 percent of their taxes overseas,” said Ulin

The Street 6.2.18 Why Retirees Should Stick With Stocks “Retirees should consider the increased volatility this year an “emergency drill” to make sure their portfolio allocations are wise. Owning both stocks and bonds will help ensure that at least part of your portfolio is growing, helping to make up losses in other areas,” said Ulin

Sun Sentinel 4.29.18 Planning ahead for college ““Putting your child through college should not be a competition with your neighbors, or a rivalry on Facebook to see whose kid got accepted to the most expensive or fancy Ivy League university,” Ulin said.

US News & World Report 4.2.18 You Don’t Have to Choose Between Stocks or Bonds Ulin says convertible bonds are useful for investors seeking income, protection of principal and gains from a rising stock market. “In today’s new economy, where retirees get paid about zero for cash, but do not want all of the up or downside of stocks, convertible bonds deliver the goods in all three areas,” said Ulin.

US News & World Report: 2.21.18 Why bonds are still solid choices for investors “While bonds may not be exciting and yields are low, you’ll be thankful you have them during a financial tsunami,” said Ulin

The Washington Post 2/6/18 A down day on the markets? Analysts say blame the machines “AI and Quant algorithms can contribute to a climate of fear when they are involved in helping to drive the market down,” said Ulin

Bloomberg 2.6.18  People Are Worried About the Stock Market “We are proactively calling up our clients and discussing that a 1,600-point intraday drop is due more to algorithms and high-frequency quant trading than macro events or humans running swiftly to the nearest fire exit,” said Ulin

Bloomberg 2.5.18 Machines Had Fingerprints All Over a Dow Rout for the Ages “We are proactively calling up our clients and discussing that a 1,600-point intraday drop is due more to algorithms and high-frequency quant trading than macro events or humans running swiftly to the nearest fire exit,” said Ulin

US News & World Report 2.5.18 Alternatives for Anxious Investors as Stocks Drop “The most important lesson to learn from past volatile market cycles is that you do not have to take action every time there is a market pullback or rate hike. It is important to stay diversified and not time the market,” said Ulin

Advisor News 1.23.18 Young Investors Indifferent About Portfolio Holdings““Not only do most parents get an F in educating their kids on the basics of saving and investing money, there is nominal exposure to this in high school, college or at the workplace,” said Ulin. “At the very least, employers should offer two or three methods of workplace financial education services and gauge the response.”

US News & World Report 1.23.18 Three Helpful Rules for Investors as the Dow Goes Up “Due to the power of compound interest, a 1,000-point swing in the Dow does not amount to much today as it did in the past. A thousand-point swing in 1987 was a 25 percent move, while today it would be only 4 percent,” said Ulin

The Street 1.17.18 Millennials Are Saving Early for Retirement “Instead of being focused on fear and market volatility, Millennials should focus instead on the year they may retire,” said Ulin. “Remember the adage to ‘pay yourself first’ while living within your means.”

2017 Interviews

The Street 12.29.18 Staying in the Stock Market Is More Prudent Than Going to cash “Timing the market is a fool’s game as most people do not have a working crystal ball to correctly call a market top or bottom.You can implement a disciplined and less emotional approach to managing your money,” said Ulin. “Most of the so-called financial experts can’t correctly predict the market outcomes for next year any more than a sportscaster on ESPN can correctly predict the outcome of a football game.”

Barrons 12.15.17 How the Market Rally is Challenging Advisors “Many of the boomer and retired investors we are meeting with appear to be in a happy state of euphoria while suffering from recency bias, where they are evaluating their money moves for 2018 based on the past year’s spectacular market results with low volatility,” said Ulin

Investment News 12.14.17 RIAs struggle to keep clients grounded amid stock market euphoria “It appears that the pain of the losses suffered through the past market crash are only a fuzzy memory, as greed is overtaking logic. Investors are almost like Cinderella at the ball, oblivious of when the clock is going to strike midnight,” said Ulin.

Barrons 12.14.17 Advisor’s Worries for the New Year “investors should be worried the Federal Reserve could hike interest rates faster than necessary, potentially disrupting U.S. markets,” said Ulin

Forbes 11.29.17 The Year-End Mistakes Financial Planners See You Making“You have not rebalanced. Many investors are in a sense of money euphoria from gains made on their portfolio since the market bottom of March of 2009,” said Ulin

CNBC 11.20.17 Advisors weigh in on Morningstar ratings “While Morningstar tools can be to used to quickly screen a mutual fund for benchmarking comparisons, it is acutely more challenging to screen for an investment manager’s process and philosophy. Many investors and advisors alike consciously drift into the realm of utilizing five-star-rated funds like a cat to catnip,” said Ulin

Investment News 10.26.17 Morningstar’s star ratings not much use, but clients love them “While many of the restaurant reviews on Trip Advisor are credible and can influence where you may be having dinner tonight, it would be insane to utilize star-ratings as a primary tool in your investment decision making process.”

US News 10.17.17 Why DIY Investing Is Risky “Most people don’t attempt to repair their own car or to diagnose a health ailment, but may have built up a false sense of confidence with their ability to manage their own investments,” said Ulin

MarketWatch 10.7.17 How Will Trump’s Tax Proposal Affect Retirement Savers? “Watch and track your blended effective federal income tax rate for the year – more so than what marginal (actual) tax bracket you “land on” with the last dollar of your reportable income for the year,” said Ulin

The Street 10.6.17 10 Terrible Trading Mistakes That Rookie Investors Keep Making “Many investors follow the herd into the latest IPO without conducting enough due diligence. A business’s value cannot always be determined until six months to a year after a company has gone public. Waiting until the stock price settles down and the actual revenue and “realities’ of the company come to light” can be your best bet.

ThinkAdvisor 9.28.17 What GOP Tax Outline Means for Advisors and Clients“Don’t make any big changes before year end regarding income or expenses reported for this calendar year as there is no way yet in knowing if you may be better or worse off in 2018 and beyond,” said Ulin

CNN 9.14.17 I want to retire early. Where should I invest? “If you’re following the standard retirement route, you should aim to save six times your annual income by age 50 and ten times your income by age 60. When you retire at age 65, you should have about 13-15 times your income stashed away,” says Ulin

Experian 9.1.17 Hurricane Harvey: Financial Aftermath “Save all your receipts if you can’t live in your house and make sure to keep detailed records of all additional expenses. Some homeowners’ policies may cover you for additional living expenses and provide advance payment options. Take plenty of pictures of your property, said Ulin

CNN 8.31.17 What Hurricane Harvey victims can do to protect their finances“Call your home mortgage company and other lines of credit to see if they will allow you to negotiate a lower payment for a few months or extend your grace period,” said Ulin

NY Post 8.25.17 How to survive winning a huge Powerball jackpot  “History is littered with people who blew fortunes on scam artists, bad ideas, or both. Do not end up as a story on the TV show ‘American Greed. Think twice about investing in anything complicated or “exclusive” that you don’t understand,” said Ulin

MarketWatch 8.24.17 10 things not to do if you win the lottery  “History is littered with people who blew fortunes on scam artists, bad ideas, or both. Do not end up as a story on the TV show ‘American Greed. Think twice about investing in anything complicated that you don’t understand,” warns Ulin

The Street  7.25.17 Fire Your Financial Advisor If He Follows Any of These 12 Doctrines “Fire your broker is he or she lacks an accredited designation. Many titles used by brokers are not accredited and can be acquired with a minimal fee and weekend exam. Be wary of the “alphabet soup” of fancy initials after many brokers names,” said Ulin 

MSN 6.13.17 12 Industries that Need Workers “Jobs are plentiful in industries where individuals still need immediate help or direct feedback. Consumers still need human interaction and ‘hand-holding’ when it comes to critical health and wealth matters which a robot or algorithm simply cannot provide,” said Ulin

The Street 6.7.17 10 Ways to Save $200 a Month “Eliminating late charges by paying your bills on time could give consumers hundreds of dollars per year and boost their credit score,” said Ulin

The Street 5/10/17 Bull Market Could Dip to 19K: “”Investor sentiment and market fundamentals drive stock prices over time like riding a tandem bicycle. The madness of the crowd or crowd psychology is less rational overtime than the markets themselves. All the brokers coming back out of the woodwork selling doom and gloom hedging products need to chill out a bit,” said Ulin

The Street 5/3/17  Borrowing From Your Retirement Portfolio: “Borrowing from your retirement portfolio is frowned upon because there is a hidden opportunity cost of employees missing out on growth from their monthly investments. It  can “have a direct effect on your future retirement nest egg,” Ulin said.

TheStreet 4.26.17 One in Three Americans Lacks Retirement Savings “Part of the issue stems from a society which relies on constant instant gratification. This savings epidemic is less about people’s income levels and more about their Pavlovian needs to spend money and release stress through spending,” said Ulin

The Street 4/20/17 More Than One Financial Advisor: “As the number of investment professionals who manage their money increases, investors may find themselves in a situation where the “law of diminishing returns can affect your nest egg,” Ulin said

US News 1/24/17 January Tax-Preparation Tips for Early Birds: “Get an early look at what these milestones will mean for your taxes this year before the early-April crunch,” said Ulin

The Street 1/18/17 Tech, Energy and Financial Stocks in 2017: “President-elect Trump’s proposed corporate tax rate cut could leave companies with a windfall in cash and while the majority of it will be utilized for mergers and acquisitions, higher dividends and to pay down debt, a significant portion of the cash may go toward share repurchases which can elevate stock prices,” said Ulin

The Street 1/4/17 How Investors Can Generate Higher Returns From the January Effect: “Instead of focusing on the January effect, which has only occurred 50% of the time during the past decade, including 2009, 2010, and 2014, investors should examine market fundamentals and not try to time the market. When the S&P 500 was negative in January during those 3 years, it still finished strongly, said Ulin

2016 Interviews

US News 12/26/16 How to Recover From Your Holiday Spending Spree:“Creating a properly balanced budget is key to quickly eliminating debt. Strive to follow 50/20/30 guidelines when it comes to budgeting: 50 percent for essentials, 20 percent for savings and 30 percent for lifestyle or discretionary expenses,” said Ulin

US News 12/19/16 5 Things Everyone Should Know About Dow 20,000: “Over time, we’ll be hitting a lot of these psychological marks. Since WW II, the DJIA index has averaged about 9% per year and will continue to do so hitting new highs over time. Just with a 7.2 percent annualized return, we should be ringing in a Dow 40K by 2027,” said Ulin

WSJ 12/13/16 Four Financial Gifts to Consider for the Holidays: “If a loved one is facing a big bill, offer to pay some or all of the expense directly. Unlimited payments can be made directly to a medical provider or educational institution on behalf of others. One could pay a friend’s out-of-pocket medical expenses or a grandchild’s college-tuition bill. As long the payment is made directly to the service provider, the amount won’t affect the donor’s lifetime federal estate-tax exemption amount of $5.45 million. It also won’t count toward the annual gift-tax exclusion of $14K,” said Ulin

ThinkAdvisor 12/16/16 What Advisors Think of Fed’s Rate Hike: “Investors should not be overweight in “long-duration” fixed income holdings, perpetual preferred stock investments and other sectors that could be affected if long-term rates rise faster than expected,” said Ulin.

The Street 12/16/16 Why the Dow Hitting 20K Won’t Hurt 401K’s: “With our aging population and more people today living well into their 80’s and 90’s, the healthcare sector will continue to run,” said Ulin

US News 11/9/16 3 Financial Lessons to Learn From Donald Trump’s Victory: “Following the herd and believing everything you read in the news can result in a false sense of fear or complacency in any arena,” said Ulin. “Whether politics or investing, it is imperative to do your own research and develop your own opinion.”

WSJ 11/4/16 How to Navigate and Prep for a Surprise Early Retirement: “Cut back on your expenses and find ways to reduce your spending on luxury services like spa visits and home services you often can do yourself ,” said Ulin

US News & World Report  9/26/16 13 Tips for Singles Nearing Retirement: “A good rule of thumb is to save at least 13 to 15 times the average of your last five years of salary for retirement,” said Ulin. “You can develop about $3K-$4K per year of income from each $100K in savings.”

US News & World Report: 7/11/16 Investors Beware of the Sleeping Bear: “Bear phobia is as much rooted in neurosis as numbers. The longer the bull run, the more irrational exuberance gives way to irrational anxiety. This may in fact be the most misunderstood and hated bull market in U.S. history,” said Ulin

The Street 7/7/16 Stock Market Won’t Care if the Fed Doesn’t Raise Rates in 2016: “The Fed’s hands are tied and may not want to stir up the markets during a presidential election year where we may soon experience significant turbulence,” said Ulin.

The Street 6/27/16 Sector Volatility in Brexit Aftermath: “The perception of big market moves can be substantially greater than the actual results. Remember that your investment time frame may be the next five to ten years, not the next five to ten months,” said Ulin

InvestmentNews 6/24/16 Brexit vote whipsaws markets, tests financial advisers’ resolve: “Seven days before the vote we cut our international exposure down to 10%,” said Ulin

InvestmentNews 6/19/16 John Oliver’s criticism helps fiduciary duty go prime time: “We explain the differences between the fiduciary and suitability standards to add value, transparency and trust in our relationships,” said Ulin

Fortune 6/11/16 Five Investing Lessons You Can Learn From Horse Racing: “Hedge your bets: Recreational bettors may love the thrill of picking a long shot once in a while in hopes of turning a small sum into big money, sort of like winning the lottery. But knowledgeable bettors, like disciplined investors, try to put themselves in the best possible position to win by wagering on multiple horses in a given race,” said Ulin.

The Street 6/6/16 Though the Fed Will Not Raise Rates in June, Homeowners Should Refinance Now: “The difference between the 10-year Treasury and a 30-year mortgage rate is 1.7%. If the 10-year Treasury is 2%, a 30-year mortgage rate would be about 3.7%. Even if the mortgage rates in a year hit 5%, the rates will still be well below the huge 8.5% 30-year fixed rate mortgage average since 1971,” said Ulin.

The Street 6/6/16 How the Fed’s Timing Will Impact Market Returns and Credit Card Rates: “While money can’t buy you love or happiness, keeping your debt servicing payments as low as possible may lower your household stress and increase your cash flow over time,” said Ulin.

US News & World Report 5/26/16 Decoding Wall Street’s Wall of Jargon: “Most experts and main street investors alike cannot correctly time the market. Betting on risky investment strategies you don’t completely understand is like playing high-stakes poker or blackjack with your life savings,” said Ulin.

US News & World Report: 5/17/16 How to Pick and Choose the Best Investments: “Most managed investments do not live up to their promises and unique names and themes provided by their managers ,” said Ulin.

Investment News: 4/13/16 LPL partners with BlackRock’s FutureAdvisor Robo-Advisor: “With the new DOL regulations pushing advisors to focus more on utilizing ‘fee-based’ investment platforms, I am looking forward to the new LPL robo-platform,” said Ulin.

The Street: 3/9/16 Why Investors Should Feel Both Fear and Greed: “Consider that 5% to 10% swings in the stock market are the “new normal,” so avoid giving into the fear of losing money. At the same time, investors can find that greed can be a good impetus for staying in the market and can help create a bit of an unemotional approach to short-term volatility,” said Ulin.

The Street:2/20/16 Millennials Will Need $2M For Retirement: “Every $1 million in savings can provide you approximately $30K to $40K each year in portfolio income from a diversified portfolio on the high end,” said Ulin. 2/18/16 Gen-Y -Start Saving for Retirement!: “Just saving & investing $6,500 each year while earning 6% will land you your first million in 40 years,” said Ulin.

US News & World Report 2/11/16, 8 Traits of the Overly Aggressive Investor:“Many people are typically delusional with their ability to pick an investment and often brag that their prediction skills are better at interpreting financial information more than most investors. Prediction overconfidence often leads investors to underestimate their overall investment risks, which can often end badly,” said Ulin.

WSJ 2/11/16, Market Tumble Means More Clients for Advisors: “With global stock markets tumbling and investors looking for both safe havens and advice, we are receiving more calls from prospects looking for help,” said Ulin.

The Street 2/4/16, Key Reasons to Ditch an Investment: “Selecting an ETF or sector merely on its past returns is an example of insanity. Be prepared that higher returns often produce a larger amount of volatility. By the time you ‘discover’ a great idea at a cocktail party, it may already be overpriced and running its course,” said Ulin

The Street 1/19/16, Investing a Windfall: “While investing in the market has its fears and drawbacks, the benefits exceed the weaknesses to keep up with your lifestyle goals. If you are fearful & your money is sitting in cash you may not be able to retire when planned if the returns on your capital are low or nearly non-existent,” said Ulin

The Street 1/15/16, Could the Dow Hit 12,000?: “The panic selling by investors is driving the current correction and is not the outcome of actual stock market valuations and fundamentals failing,” said Ulin. “Develop a diversified portfolio and maintain a strong “Navy SEALs”-type mind set.” “Making money does not happen in bull markets,” he said. “It happens in how you manage your money and behavior in sideways markets and bear markets.”

US News & World Report 1/14/16, 8 Tips for the Anxious Investor: “Stop consulting Dr. Google. Today’s investors of all ages have become more interconnected from tools like Google search to a plethora of news and financial sites with gobbledygook financial predictions and forecasts,” said Ulin. “This investor problem is no different than sick people looking up an ailment online, not seeking professional help and making their own incorrect assumptions and diagnosis.”

2015 Interviews

thinkadvisor 12/16/15, What Advisors Think of Fed’s Rate Hike: “Now is “a great time for advisors and clients to review investment allocations,” said Ulin

insureon 12/16/15, How to Show Holiday Love to Employees & Clients On a Budget: “Many people are still fighting to get ahead financially, so be considerate of your gifts,” said Ulin 12/3/15, Four pro tips for year-end financial planning: “Year-end is a good time to make sure you are on track with your financial plan,” said Ulin

TIME  10/8/15, 6 Ways to Prepare for a Longer Retirement: “Unless health is an issue, we generally advise our clients to wait to enroll in Social Security,” said Ulin.

MSN  8/5/15, 7 investing tips for 40-somethings: “Do you know how long it will take for your money to double? Use the rule of 72,” says Ulin

CNBC, 7/22/15, Is real estate really the best investment?: “Putting a quarter or more of your savings into flipping one property is not a good idea and a gamble,” said Ulin

Investment News July 8th, 2015: NYSE shutdown: Advisers calm jittery clients: “We have been touching base with people, letting clients know that we know there are incidents going on on Wall Street,” said Ulin

Investment News July 3rd 2015: ‘Cool’ events advisers are throwing for clients this summer: With clients wondering whether the markets are overheated, Jon Ulin’s mostly boomer and retiree clients are asking for financial education this summer

Investment News June 26th, 2015: Are robos making clients think that 1% fee is steep? “There are a variety of features that make advisors work more impactful than online platforms, including measuring risk tolerance, tracking performance and providing answers to questions and a supportive relationship when times are hard,” said Ulin

Investment News April 29th, 2015: No champagne for new Nasdaq record but advisers take heed of history. “Like the 2008 housing bubble, the tech bubble was largely the result of lax regulations and performance chasing. We tell our clients to not lose sleep about the Nasdaq again passing the 5,000 milestone as it did 15 years ago right before the dot-com bubble burst,” said Ulin

CNBC May 4th, 2015: Savvy advisory firms have an effective PR plan. “Target your market. You can’t be everything to everybody,” Ulin said. His marketing focuses on specific audiences: baby boomers, retirees & corporate high-tech employees. Advisor Hub

CNBC March 2nd, 2015: Want more clients? Use These Social Media Strategies. “If you use ‘canned content,’ why would someone else with a large following share or repost to their own readers,” says Ulin February 2nd, 2015: Tax Refunds: Smaller is Better!“Some people do a little victory dance when that tax refund check comes in the mail. But truth is, in the long run there’s nothing really to celebrate. Unfortunately, it’s just their own money they are getting back,” says Ulin February 9th, 2015: Stop Worrying About 401(k) Volatility and Listen to These 4 Experts. “Many employees have a bit too much confidence in their own company stock- called familiarity bias -and may not be able to take action quick enough to diversify their portfolio,” says Ulin

Wall Street Journal : January 24th, 2015: The Financial Problems in Your Head. “Parents can mitigate the risks of financially enabling adult children by setting boundaries in advance of providing support,” says Ulin

2014 Interviews : December 28th, 2014: Is a Real Estate Investment Trust Right For You?: “We provide a limited exposure to private REITs for younger and to older/retired clients seeking income, diversification and hedging, says Ulin.

US News & World Report, October 28th, 2014: How to Bounce Back From a Financial Crisis. “Make every effort to not default on any of your obligations,” Ulin says, “as many employers are now looking at your credit score as part of the hiring process. It’s a wicked catch-22.”

CBS News: May 10th, 2014: Top 10 Beach Towns for Retirees: (Boynton Beach came in at #5.) “You can buy a lot more house in Florida for the same cost all the while saving snow removal expenses and snow tire purchases. Also significant consideration — in Florida, retirees would not be paying city or state taxes,” said Ulin.  Read follow up interview on Boynton Beach in the Sun Sentinel.

Deposit Accounts: January 2014: How to Choose A Financial Planner. “Anyone can hang a shingle on their door and call themselves a financial planner,” says Ulin.

2013 Interviews

US News & World Report:  December 2013:  5 Money Myths You Shouldn’t Fall For. “Stocks make you rich – and bonds keep you rich” is a good rule of thumb, but this is another gray area, said Ulin. “The bond bull market for the past 30 years is coming to an end. Interest rates will begin to rise when the Fed starts to taper the monetary stimulus program,” said Ulin

Newsday:  September 2013:  Money Fix-Creating an Emergency Fund. “Find 3 home-expense areas to trim and you could save $2K a year,” said Ulin

Yahoo Finance:  August 2013:  How to Find a Financial Advisor If You’re Not Rich. “Middle-class Americans who were hit hardest by the recent recession are crying out for financial guidance, yet are the most skeptical people to trust a financial advisor or spend a dollar to get help.” said Ulin

US News & World Report:  June 2013:  Five Money Questions to Ask Before You Marry. ” in the months before you say, “I do,” the most important person you should consult with as a couple isn’t the wedding planner – it’s a financial planner,” said Ulin

Credit  May 2013: Carrots offered, sticks abandoned: Card issuers lure late payers. ”These unique features are a direct reflection of new financial regulations set by Congress, which limit the ability of vendors to boost their revenues and bottom line by making significant profits off delinquent customers,” said Ulin.

Newsday : February 2013:  Money Fix: Downsizing in retirement. “You assume buying a property at the bottom of the real estate market would help to “free up” extra cash for retirement but that is not always the case,” said Ulin.

Financial Planning Association: January 2013: Top 5 Financial Planning Resolutions for 2013.  “If you are a baby boomer nearing retirement, create an action plan to pay off your mortgage within four years, before or after, your retirement goal and refi-down to a lower rate if cost effective,”  said Ulin.

2012 Interviews

Newsday- December 2012:  Money Fix: Financial New Year’s resolutions. “Create an action plan and timeline for paying your credit card debt as soon as possible. Defer any “instant gratification” purchases until you can pay for them with cash,” said Ulin.

Fox Business News : July 2012: How Much Money Will I Need In Retirement?“The most significant and unexpected expense in retirement is due to out of pocket health- care expenses.” Said Ulin.

Fox Business News :   July 2012: Five Steps Young People Should Take to Prepare for Retirement.  “Save up to $5,000 a year in a Traditional IRA or Roth IRA as a first step if you do not have an employer-based savings plan or are self-employed.

Fox Business News :  May 2012: Three Common Mistakes of First Time Investors.  “Don’t time the market. Markets are rational and efficient over time, investors are not,” said Ulin.

Fox Business News :   March 2012: Employee Stock Options.  “The stock options could be worth zilch — or potentially up to 100% or more of the employee’s negotiated salary – with specific restrictions in place to own or even exercise the options,” said Ulin.

Market Watch :   March 2012: Can Internet Stocks Be Blue Chips?  “The the risk of investing in the social network could be high. It would be easier “for the next Zuckerberg to come along and build a better network than for someone to invent a better formula for Coke,” said Ulin

Financial Planning Association:  January 2012:  Gen-Yers: Fearful of Wall Street. “This generation has spent half of their lives sandwiched between the dot com crash and real estate crash and are very wary of Wall Street,” said Ulin.

2011 Interviews

Market Watch :  October 2011 Buy Green Sectors: ” Right now we are only consuming 8% in renewable energy resources in the USA.  As long as there is consistent competition for low natural gas and oil prices and no strong incentive by the government to convince utilities to enter more power purchase agreements with eco- resources, it could take years for our renewable energy usage needle to tick upward,” said Ulin.

Yahoo :   September 2011:  Tips to Invest Like a Pro: “There is no silver bullet to beat the market. Much about market intelligence and personal investing has more to do with behavioral finance, asset allocation and long term strategy than taking action on short term market information,” said Ulin.

Journal of Financial Planning :  February 2011:  The Life to Plan for After Death:  “Never assume there aren’t flaws in a client’s estate plan or that probate will go smoothly with the court system”, said Ulin.

2010 Interviews

Sun Sentinel – : October 2010  Your Money on Fixed Annuities:  “One risk of a fixed annuity is that the rate could be reset up or down,” said Ulin. Check with your broker or financial advisor.

CFO Magazine :  October 2010 : Choice Offerings: “ With employee workplace financial education, there should not be just one generic education resource offered. People differ in the level and form of service they desire. A “one size fits all” approach is not likely to be effective,” said Ulin.

Boca Raton Observer :  September 2010 Interview:  “All brokers have access to the same investments and planning tools. There’s no silver bullet to predict the markets,” said Ulin.  Check the credentials of  your broker.

Journal of Financial Planning :  April 2010  Estate Planning:  “Clients can be conflicted. Sometimes estate planning is about control, but many times it’s about uncertainty of their own goals”, said Ulin.

2009 Interviews

Practice Management Solutions :  September 2009 Back to Basics:  “Advisor’s clients may now be looking beyond returns and focusing more on their advisors competency and service”, said Ulin.

2008 Interviews

Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce : September 2008– “Six tips to protect yourself and your business.”

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