Our Philosophy

  • Our Philosophy

    Independence is Key

    The financial services industries reputation has been greatly tarnished over the past decade. Many brokers and advisors often incorrectly misuse the word “trust” – as they are limited in their ability to provide a true, unbiased fiduciary relationship for their clients – just based on their employer relationship.

    In any successful relationship, trust is essential. When looking for a financial advisor, you deserve to know how we operate so you can make an informed decision about working with us. Ulin & Co. is different in a number of critical ways. For one, we’re not a subsidiary of a financial conglomerate. We are equity- owners of an independent wealth management advisory firm and are actively involved in every facet of our business. Most importantly, here, you are never just a sequence of numbers on an account.

    We believe that being independent and not conflicted by business interests or stockholder profits – is the only way to provide truly objective and trusted advice. Joining Ulin & Co. Wealth Management means establishing a relationship with a trusted firm who addresses your needs and has your best interests at heart. From generation to generation, we’ve established a reputation for accountability and clarity and truly treat you like family. You’ll know where your money is and what it’s doing for you.

    Wealth Planning is Vital

    You’ve worked your whole lifetime to save and invest for your financial independence and retirement. The decisions you make today can greatly affect your long-term financial health more than how much you saved to begin with. Smart decisions start with research, knowledge and a plan. Fundamental investing principals combined with financial planning and wealth management concepts can provide you with a strong basis from which you can build your knowledge and confidence.

    Imagine driving around on your vacation, stressed out, and lost in an area with no map or navigation system. Preparing to meet your financial goals to help achieve or maintain a lengthy retirement can be very much the same if you do not have a plan. As your financial guide, our focus is to make sure that your roadmap before or after retirement is clear and accurate. Let us do your worrying for you. We aim to take the stress and complexity out of retirement and wealth planning by offering you a full-service, holistic approach.

    Professional Management is Essential

    Consider that it’s important to have a good relationship with your money. Money cannot buy health or happiness, and you obviously can’t take it with you. Still, the financial freedom and enjoyment that money can bring to support your goals before or after you retire is key. Some of us make very sound decisions with our money, and with many others, not so much the case.

    With an overabundance of financial products, technology and information, attempting to manage your own investments in today’s challenging post-recession economy can be an overwhelming and often time-consuming task. We all come from different generations, cultures and family values. Understanding that we all view money differently and have different feelings about risk and investing, enables us to help clients to utilize their money to best help them meet their personal and financial goals.

    Our goal is to keep our fees and process easy to understand – while providing our clients sophisticated portfolios that are actively managed to balance risk and return through all market conditions. As investment analyst Louise Yamada said, “There are two kinds of losses. A loss of capital and a loss of opportunity; but there will always be another opportunity if you protect capital.” We are very conscious of working to protect our client’s portfolio values during times of market volatility.

    We respond to what the market is actually doing while keeping an eye on where it may be heading. Breaking from the traditional “buy, hold and hope” philosophy, our strategic portfolios and diversification* strategy evolve and adapt to information we continuously gather from global market indicators and our research partners. Our investment strategy is an antidote to conventional industry practices and herd-like behavior.

    *Diversification does not guarantee profits or protect against losses.

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