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  • Guide to Selecting a Financial Advisor

    The Guide to Selecting a Financial Advisor will outline our top 13 Questions and considerations to help you better screen, interview, and select a competent, ethical financial advisor.

    It will take some work on your part to understand the financial jargon and to sift-through this handy check-list -but partnering with the right financial advisor can help reduce your financial stress while providing greater confidence and security with your financial decisions.

    You can ask the following questions at your first meeting or send them in advance, so the advisor is ready to address them when you meet.

    There is no obligation to get your guide beyond completing a short request form below.

    Whether you are a do-it-yourself investor or seeking a second opinion, you can also request a Portfolio Risk Analysis and Retirement Income consultation with Jon W. Ulin, CFP®, Private Wealth Advisor, Managing Principal. You’re advantaged with Jon Ulin’s two decades of experience — it’s the kind of knowledge and expertise that national news and media outlets call upon for his assessments of financial developments. Call (561) 210-7887 to get started.

    Ulin & Co. Wealth Management is an independent advisory firm serving successful clients for many years and generations.  We partner with Charles Schwab, Fidelity and Pershing to provide our clients dynamic service in asset custody, trading and research.

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