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Retirement can be a wonderful time and a milestone many people are excited to reach.  It can also be a time of great stress and uncertainty between the daily tasks and challenges of maintaining your health, household budget, family and investments through your 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

A top concern for many retirees today is keeping up with the cost of living and not outliving their nest-egg. At the same time, many do not understand how much money they can “safely” withdraw from their principal based on their annual investment returns. 

The “optimal” portfolio income amount retirees can safely withdraw depends greatly on how much they have saved, the investments they are utilizing, the current market cycle, their age and other factors.  

The typical “rules of thumb” for portfolio income distribution rates and investment strategies designed for income do not account for the new economic realities of today’s historically low rates combined with immense market volatility.

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If you are nearing retirement or are already retired, we can help you to implement a sound retirement income for life wealth management and planning strategy that works to meet your lifestyle goals and financial needs for the long run. Do you have a “retirement paycheck” strategy?

Let us help you to reduce your worrying about your retirement income and portfolio management issues, so you can focus on what is important to you.  Call us at (561) 210-7887 for a no-obligation complementary.

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