Boomer (2nd Act) Resources

Whether you are a boomer in (or nearing) retirement in your 50’s or 60’s, be aware that professional reinvention is  not just for young people.  

You may have asked yourself many questions on either making a critical job change  – or just in getting back into the workforce including, “What if I’m too old?”  “How can I spend years training for something new, when I’m already near retirement?”  You are correct.  Reinvention is different later in your life.  But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Many boomers actually end up creating their own business in a niche or industry which they are passionate about.  As noted in “5 Smart Business Ideas”(Business News Daily 2014) “retirees should focus on jobs and business opportunities that leverage the individual’s years of work and life experience, such as consulting, teaching or tutoring.” This provides them not only a healthy work environment, but greater flexibility and control over their resources, time and destiny.

It is noted in the article “Older Americans Shun Retirement for Startups” (Bloomberg,) that 25% of boomers are seriously exploring startups as an option.  A lot of people are not ready to retire. Boomers are living longer and they are looking for a main income or a supplementary income.” 

For those less entrepreneurial minded,  the article “Retirees Keep One Foot In The Workforce” (NBC NEWS 2014) notes to “Go to where the jobs are.  You’re not reinventing yourself, you’re redeploying your skills.”  The semiretired should look to industries that are ramping up, specifically health care and nonprofits. 

The following are some useful sites and resources to visit.

1.Resources  2.Retirement Sites    3 Start a Business      

4.Jobs    5.Networking

1. Resources

Life Articles:

How to make a successful career change after 50  7.2018 Marketwatch 7.2018

Are You Really Ready to Retire? Money 8.16.17: Amazing video montage of boomers’ stories-looking ahead to their “2nd-act “in life from sailing and skydiving to buying a vineyard. What’s your plan?

15 Reasons You Will Live a Long Life: Entrepreneur 2.1.15: Great article on strategies to live well into old-age.

4 Basics for Making the Move From Corporate Job to Entrepreneur 4.7.15:Article on creating work/life balance. “Run your personal finances like a start-up.”

Advice From 7 Baby Boomers Who Reinvented Their Careers: 8.13.15:  Great examples that you never know what might inspire you to jumpstart your own 2nd-act career.

How to Evaluate, Accept, Reject, or Negotiate a Job Offer HBR  4.10.17: Principles to Remember when negotiating a job.

CV Makeover:

7 Things Every Job Seeker Should Do to Get an Edge-MarketWatch 3.16.17 Monster breaks down how to use key-words and search terms to get an edge. Good points on having an interview “cheat-sheet.”

How AI Is Transforming the Workplace – WSJ 3.20.17: Artificial intelligence is changing the way managers do their job. How HR & tech intersect 

A top recruiter on what anyone can see after 30 seconds with your resume Quartz 10.19.15: Get the “Wizard-of-oz” backdoor viewpoint of what makes a good or bad resume.

Why the Best Thing to Do for Your Resume Is Delete Most of It Inc. 3.18.16: Reducing a resume to one page helps many candidates look stronger, not weaker.

What Your Resume Should Look like in 2016, Time 1.11.16: Give yourself an edge with these modern touches to make your resume effective for humans & robots

Why a Personal Website Is Your Best Asset.  INC. 2.7.15 : Get up to speed! A resume is static -and signifies only one page of who you are as a person.

Freelance and Consulting Jobs

The 15 Best Freelance Websites to Find Jobs: provides an excellent list of resources. 

2. Retirement Planning Websites Case histories and other resources for and about late-life career changers Offers a five-part video, Mission Retirement Workshops, conferences, courses, and publications on retirement planning from veteran coach Richard L. Haid Online coaching and other information for retirement planning Network of career coaches American Society on Aging

3. Starting a Business Websites

105 Service Businesses to start today (Entrepreneur 2014) to get your creative -juices going.   Workforce One-Startup Quest: Startup Quest™ trains people with college degrees to become entrepreneurs and educates them about opportunities to commercialize technologies developed at Florida’s universities and Federal laboratories.   Florida Next Foundation- A State-wide group that fosters small business and entrepreneurship    Lean Start-up Circle – Miami-based group devoted to entrepreneurship  For entrepreneurs over 50  Help from small-business guru Verne Harnish National nonprofit staffed by 10,500 volunteer businesspeople who give free advice to small business  Advice and resources on home-based businesses

4. Finding a Post-Retirement Job Websites

(AARP)  50 Best Employers for Workers Over 50 For scientists and engineers Switch to non-profit careers Jobs at nonprofit organizations for experienced managers US Small biz association FL Venture Forum FL Small Biz Florida Enterprise

5. Tech & Networking  (SFTA) South Florida Technology alliance


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