Retirement Readiness

Planning for your financial future is essential today more than for past generations with many people now living well into their 80’s and 90’s.

To make matters even more challenging, many “younger” retirees under 70 are now part of the new “sandwich generation,” thereby also taking some financial responsibility for their aging parents and grown- kid’s dilemmas.

The good news is, your desired retirement lifestyle is still possible to reach and maintain, but to get there you may need to expand your thinking about how and when you plan to retire.

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Are you aspiring to retire or are already retired? We can help you to determine your “retirement readiness number” as well as to provide specific steps you can take to help improve your path to financial freedom and independence. 

As part of our service we will also provide you with your annual Retirement Scorecard to track your progress. 

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Our goal is to make sure that whatever your stage in life, your road map to retirement is clear and accurate so that you will get on track and stay on track toward meeting and maintaining you retirement goals and dreams.



Working on it – in your 30’s

With retirement 35+ years away, now is the time to dig in, get organized and create a financial plan. It’s critical to find a way to squeeze out dollars for retirement and make saving and investing money a priority. Time (and the power of compounding) is still on your side!

Work with an accredited financial advisor to create a comprehensive financial plan. Review and balance out your short-term goals (buying a house, starting a family, building your career) vs. saving for your retirement. 

Make sure to build and maintain a “rainy day fund” of at least 12 months of your ongoing expenses to prepare for emergencies or unemployment.

Get the “fundamentals” down now on sound investing strategies (inside and outside your 401(K) plan) and develop money-smart wealth management habits that will last you a lifetime.  

Finally, make sure to complete an estate plan with an attorney, especially if you have young children.  Consider to purchase life insurance and disability insurance to protect what’s important.

At Ulin & Co., we can help you by working as your personal wealth advisor and by creating a holistic financial plan to help put you on track for your financial future.

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Baby Boomer

The home stretch- in your 50’s – 60’s.

With retirement nearing the corner in the next 10 -15 years, you may be running out of time to catch up to your retirement goal and have less time to benefit from interest compounding.  Try to boost your retirement savings goal up to 20 percent or more of your income.

It’s also time to start focusing on what kind of retirement you want and what financial resources you have to pay for it. Planners often advise baby boomers to “practice” their retirement. Try out that hobby you’ve always thought about.  Share your thoughts and dreams with your spouse. It’s important that both of you talk, explore and work out differences.

At Ulin & Co. we can assist you by creating a holistic financial plan, and work as your personal investment manager to help you through the final stretch to retirement. When you are ready to retire, we can help guide through this critical transition.



Focus on sustainability 

Retirement can be a wonderful time and a milestone many people are excited to reach.  It can also be a time of great stress and uncertainty between the daily tasks and challenges of maintaining your health, budget, family and finances, along with the anxiety of investing your money in today’s tumultuous stock market to help pay for your lifestyle expenses.

In fact, it can be a bit overwhelming to be retired in today’s “new” economy with such an over abundance of financial products, information, news and technology.  Just getting through all the gobble-de-gook of all the Medicare and healthcare jargon and choices can be a bit overwhelming in addition to understanding the new government regulations.

With a good portion of our clients being retired, we can attest that planning does not stop at retirement and leaving the workforce. 

With many Americans retired 30+ years, the financial planning and investing steps you take in retirement at any age, can and will have significant affects on your long term financial wellbeing and sustainability.  

Key areas we can help you to address regarding your retirement sustainability may include:

•How should you structure your money to create lifetime portfolio income and keep up with inflation?
•How can you better budget your living expenses during retirement?
•What insurance, estate and tax strategies should you have in place? 

Plan now for a better tomorrow!

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