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Experienced financial advisors considering the independent “hybrid” RIA channel -please read more to learn about collaborative opportunities with U&CO.

There is no better time than the present to evaluate your current broker-dealer relationship, compensation and equity structure if you are looking to own, build and maintain your practice.  

Just as important, you may be at a stage in your life and career where you are looking to set up a continuity plan, succession arrangement, merger or eventual practice sale to protect your practice equity, clients and retirement goals.

No matter what your motivation for making this key career decision, whether it be compensation, firm culture or quality of life, as an experienced financial advisor it’s important to know you’re making that decision with the support and expertise of people who have been in your shoes. Whatever your career path, call Jon W. Ulin, CFP® at (561) 210-7887.  


1. Partner with Our Team
2. Sell Your Practice
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1. Partner with Our Team

Whether you are considering joining a private practice – or owning 100% of your practice equity, we would like to speak with you.  

As a hybrid, multi-custodial RIA, our firm partners with LPL Financial, Charles Schwab and Fidelity to provide our clients dynamic service in asset custody, trading, research and reporting. 

ROI: Combining resources with our branch will help you to reach your business growth goals, from increasing client referrals and servicing, to increasing profitability margins and optimizing your time and business operations. Most important, you will feel secure knowing that you are a business owner with a solid continuity and succession plan in place.

Charles Schwab and Fidelity are separate entities from Ulin & Co., IFP and LPL Financial. 


2. Selling Your Practice

No matter what your motivation for making this key career decision,  when you are selling your practice it’s important to know you’re making that decision with the support and expertise of people who fully understand your situation.

Many advisors equate the term “Succession Planning” with just selling a practice and or retirement. While to a certain extent this may be true, the sale of a practice is merely the event, and is one of the many components.

Succession planning is an involved process that allows business owners to value their firm, protect it, and then over a predetermined timeline, create a controlled transition and transfer of business to a new advisor-team for an agreed upon price.

More than just the numbers and payout, you want to make sure that the transaction is structured and executed seamlessly to ensure that client relationships are transferred intact – and full value is achieved for both buyer and seller.

Knowing the reputation, firm culture, expertise, business structure, technology, compliance and client service systems provided by your successor advisor for your trusted clients – should be as important to you – as the transfer of your liquid assets. 


3. Learn More:

Independent Financial Partners

Advisors continue to recognize the benefits and attributes of IFP’s “multi-custodial” hybrid RIA platform as a solid destination for their practices.

Independent Financial Partner’s (IFP) out of Tampa, Florida, is a Registered Investment Advisor, recognized as the largest advisor group in the nation with LPL Financial. Founded in 2000, IFP is a family-owned firm with more than 500 advisors, more than $5.2 billion in assets under management and $30 billion in assets under advisement.

IFP was recognized by Forbes and ranked as one of the “Top 50 Wealth Managers in the United States” (Forbes 2013).  They support a broad network of truly independent financial advisors by providing technology and branch operational services,  virtual staff and business support services, investment research and portfolio solutions, as well as practice management and compliance resources.     

IFP knows that making the leap to independence can be intimidating. The firm has created an on-boarding process to make the transition as easy as possible. With a dedicated transition team, IFP will ensure an advisor’s needs are taken care of, from finding new office space to the movement of their licenses.


 Ulin & Co. Wealth Management (U&CO)

Meet Our Team   FAQ’s

Established in 2002, Ulin & Co. provides sophisticated investment management and comprehensive financial planning services to affluent families, individuals, retirees, corporate executives & small businesses.

Client Service: Our firm works as hard to build trust and long-lasting relationships with our clients as we do to manage and create wealth. Our focus is to always exceed from a service capability.  Every day we strive to positively impact our client’s lives through exceptional advice, flawless team work and seamless service at every interaction.

Branch Administration: Ulin & Co. maintains a cutting-edge dashboard of tools and resources available to decrease clutter and to increase productivity, tracking, service and compliance at every step. This includes our online paperless office, bookkeeping, scheduling, contact management, financial planning, trading, research, social media and marketing technology.

Portfolio Management: Ulin & Co. works provides “fee-based’ wealth management across multiple custodians through our national RIA affiliate as our cornerstone service.  We can also provide access to a wide array of alternative, brokerage and insurance-based products.