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Worksite Financial- Ed (WFE) is a guidance-based, retirement and financial planning employee benefits solution that goes way- beyond your 401(K) or 403(B) vendor’s phone center and online resources delivered by an accredited CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and branch office of LPL Financial.  

Over the course of the past 14+ years, our firm’s worksite solution programs have counseled hundreds of current and retired employees and executives at South Florida regional locations of IBM, Microsoft Latin America, Sprint, Copper Com and Cross Country Healthcare, along with services for many local business, community and municipality events.

Turn Benefits Awareness Into Action

Our firm closely works with your organization and leadership to develop targeted talent education solutions that align with  your benefits package along with your companies culture, vision and objectives. 


1. Employee Education Solutions:

Education Solutions provides employees with a unified worksite strategy based on their benefits & 401k plan, saving them time & effort needed to tackle it alone.

•Workshops on financial planning, retirement planning, 401(K) enrollment, investing concepts, estate planning and more.
•Tabling events & resources for open-enrollment & wellness days.


2. Employee Advice Solutions:

Advice Solutions can help improve the chances that your employees will take control of their personal finances to reach their financial goals.

•One-on-one benefits counseling.
•ƒƒInvestment advice, including investments held inside and outside the plan.
•Financial Planning ƒƒadvice tailored to individual goals and circumstances.
ƒƒ•Focus on retirement readiness by increasing actual savings in the plan.


3. Employee Transition Solutions:

Departure of employees is difficult for all parties. Transition Solutions makes the process less stressful, giving employees advice they need to move forward.

ƒƒEarly separation counseling, when employees leave employment.
•ƒƒRetirement counseling, to help employees prepare for their next phase of life.
ƒƒ•Rollover education and guidance, covering tax considerations, asset allocation and withdrawals.

Providing customized financial health and wellness programs can improve business agility and performance while producing direct results as a result of less financial stress taking a toll on your employees. 

Good For Employees. Great For You

WFE Employee Advantages:

•Maximize benefits enrollment and compensation plans.
•Lower employee turnover, healthcare costs and absenteeism.
•Implement sound financial strategies and work to get on track for retirement.
•Attain higher productivity & less wasted time & stress dealing with money matters at work.

 WFE Employer Advantages:

•Provide a high-touch, employee education service with no plan-level cost.
•Elevate employee enrollment and participation.
•Increase satisfaction on your scorecard’s workplace health index.
•Reduce the HR time and burden of providing financial guidance.
•Manage fiduciary 404C plan requirements with DOL & ERISA guidelines.
•Provide a more competitive benefits package to attract and retain key employees.

circle benefits 2An effective employee education program is one of the 4 elements of a successful 401K plan



 Facts, Stats & News  

•“More Companies Offering Financial Wellness Programs”, (USA Today, 2/24/14) “Financially stressed-out workers aren’t good for businesses. It is with good reason that employers are now adding a stand-alone financial wellness program to their menu. Financial wellness programs, by nature,  should provide multiple channels and ongoing access to financial coaching.”

•“Why Americans Can’t Answer the Most Basic Retirement Question”  (Time, 10/15/14) “Employees rate retirement planning as the most difficult of 24 financial tasks presented in the study. Online tools and instruction through 401(k) vendors have greatly improved, yet retirement planning is perceived as difficult.”

•”More Americans Delaying Retirement” (PlanAdvisor 6/25/15) “Retirement plan advisers and sponsors need to do a more rigorous job of helping people with their overall financial wellness. 

•99% – Employees who say they consider financial education a valuable employee benefit, and would recommend it to coworkers.*
•98% – Plan sponsors who agree that workshops and one-on-one meetings increased employee understanding of benefits.*
•17% – Higher participation and 12% higher average deferral rates were accomplished when one-on-one meetings were offered.* ◦
                      *Principal Retire Secure 2010 Participant Survey

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Our Commitment:

The worksite solutions programs we propose for you will be effective if they changes employee behavior and addresses your employees’ financial concerns. While there are many internet and phone-based employer provided third party financial services for employees–we have found that only a small percentage actually utilize them.

Our firm believes that independence is key to offering objective investment advice.  Established in 2002, your Worksite Solutions team is driven by Ulin & Co., a boutique, independent SEC -Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and branch office of LPL Financial. Our branch, along with most RIA’s, is positioned to provide you with an objective approach with a consultative driven process. 

-National Independent Broker-Dealer Access? YES! √
-SEC Registered Investment Advisor Firm? YES! √
-Recognized CFP® professional? YES! √
-Fiduciary Focus? YES! √

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About Our Clients:

Our clients include current & retired executives & employees from IBM, Citrix, Microsoft LATAM, Motorola, Office Depot, Tyco, ADT, Jarden, DHL,CVS, fiserve, Nuance, Kaba Benzing, Ericsson, Seimens & Sprint to name a few. We also work with many city/state retirees, teachers, medical professionals and business owners.

We firmly believes that the financial health of employees drives the financial health, wealth and success of any business through greater employee satisfaction, talent retention and enhanced productivity.