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8.24.18 Topic:  How to diversify with bonds. Estate planning basics.



8.17.18 Topic:  4 P’s to Financial Planning, retirement surveys, risk of DIY investing and investor behavior

8.10.18 Topic: Benchmark your portfolio. How does your brain make investment decisions. Top retirement road map numbers. 

 8.3.18 Topic:  Employer benefits and retirement.  What you don’t know about retirement. Design retirement income buckets.


 7.20.18 Topic:  Hiring the right financial advisor or Vet. Behavioral finance



 7.6.18 Markets, trade wars, homeostasis. Retirement red-zone, taking the leap, Age Wave, SMART goals.


 7.13.18 Top underestimated retirement expenses, digital planning. 3 Buckets for retirement income. 


6.29.18 Topic:  Forecasts and shark attacks, diet to money psychology.  Free lunches and your search for retirement income.

6.22.18 Topic: About our show, industry & life. Occam’s Razor. Important steps to get ready for retirement.


  5.4.18 Topic: Market Maxims, Sell in May, household income, retirement roadmap

4.20.18 Topic: 4.18.18 Financial planning basics, retirement income, rate hikes, bonds

3/30/18 Topic: 5 F’s of life, Fidelity Quiz, Market History, how to measure your risk tolerance 

3/23/18 Topic: Crashes, quants & algorithms, Robo-advisors & target dates,  why work with fee-based advisors, why consolidate accounts.

3/16/18 Topic: Designing retirement income for life, risks of DIY investing, robo-advisors 

2/16/18 Topic: Why work with us, investor mistakes, diversify with bonds, how to build “three tiers” of  retirement income

1/5/18 Topic: New Year’s financial resolutions, market update, basics of financial planning.

 12/1/17 Topic: Decoding the Tax Policies. Guest: Kevin O ‘Leary on the markets, O ‘Shares, Beanstox and legacy planning.

11/17/17 Topic: Top 5 reasons to work with a fee-based advisor.  Industry basics on hiring an advisor. Putting together an investment plan.


11/10/17 Topic: Investing. Guest: Jennifer Sommers, Realtor, Robin Sommers, Esq. on real estate basics, market outlook and what to look for when hiring a realtor.

10/20/17 Topic: IBM 50th Anniversary in Boca, Black Monday compared to today’s market, how to invest in a rising market. how to brace for a crash


9/29/17 Topic: Tax Policies. Guest: Dr. Micheal Finke PhD, CFP®, Dean at The American College on investing in today’s economy.



9/29/17 Guest: Professor  from the American College, Jamie Patrick Hopkins, JD, MBA, LLM, CLU®, ChFC®, CFP®, RICP® on retirement income planning.


9/22/17 Topic: Hiring an advisor.  Guest: Dr. David Kelly, Chief Global Strategist, J.P. Morgan Asset Management on market outlook.



9/1/17 Topic: Financial tips after a hurricane. Guest: Ryan Detrick, CMT, VP, LPL Financial on market outlook


8/18/17 Topic: Retirement Basics. Guest: Barbara Shore, Attorney on Estate planning



8/11/17 Topic:  Ulin on geopolitical risks of war, Policy risks in Washington, more.



7/14/17 Topic: Know your strategy. Guest: Tim Sanders, NY Times Best Selling Author 




7/7/17 Topic: Investing. Guest: Attorney Chris Gagic on Estate planning



6.30.17 Topic: Behavioral finance, investing and interest rates. Guest: Steven Widder, Regional Director, Eaton Vance


6.23.17 Topic: Investing for the long run: Guest: Dick Marston, Finance Professor, Wharton, U Penn. 



6.16.17 Topic: Tech wreck, bubbles. Fed. Guest: Burt White, CIO LPL Financial





6.9.17 Topic: Trump dump, Sell in May, Dalbar Study. Guest: Aaron Gillman, CFA, CIO IFP



  6.2.17 Topic: Fiduciary standard, behavioral finance, markets. Guest: Louis Navellier



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