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Financial Wellness 14 Habits to Enhance your Financial Health

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14 Habits to Enhance your Financial Health & Mindset

Improve your money mindset!   You’ve worked your whole lifetime to save money for your financial independence and retirement.  The decisions you make today can greatly affect your long term financial health more so than how much you saved to begin with.  Smart decisions start with research, knowledge and a plan.  Understanding basic investing principals combined with financial planning concepts can provide a strong, fundamental basis from which you can build your knowledge and confidence before or after retirement to protect your family and estate.

While money cannot buy happiness, money can positively contribute to greater health, happiness, peace of mind and strong family relationships rather than cause a disruption from the things that matter most.   You cannot control or predict the markets, so focus on what you can control.  Creating and maintaining healthy savings, spending and investing habits is as important to one’s financial health and well-being as proper exercise, sleep and nutrition.  Reduce your stress and increase your peace-of-mind by utilizing the following 14 Habits to Enhance your Financial Health & Money Mindset™ principals we have developed:

1. De-clutter, simplify & enrich your financial life.
2. Overcome procrastination, fears and excuses.
3. Create a healthy relationship with your money.
4. Obtain empowerment through financial education.
5. Clarify your goals & dreams outside the numbers.
6. Get an objective perspective on your financial goals.
7. Develop a roadmap to know where you are going.
8. Be accountable.  What gets measured gets done.
9. Gain control over your money and investment strategy.
10. Protect what’s important: health, wealth, family & estate.
11. Empower all generations of your family by sharing your values.
12. Maintain focus and awareness.  Work with your end goals in mind.
13. Develop a disciplined money mindset and dispel instant gratification.
14. Stay Active. Your health affects your wealth and your wealth affects your health.

Failure to plan is planning to fail.  Imagine driving around on your vacation, stressed out, and lost in an area with no map or navigation system.  Preparing to meet your financial goals, investing for your financial future or working to  maintain a lengthy retirement can be very much the same if you do not visualize your goals and have a holistic plan in place to know where you are going.

Our Focus:  Helping you and your family to wisely manage your wealth, financial health and your money mindset.  The smartest investment you can make today is in your own financial health and sustainability.  If you have any investment, retirement or personal finance questions, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or call  (561) 210-7887.

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