Divorce Financial Planning

Divorce can present many challenges along with the emotional impact on family and children, including how to manage your financial future.

Part of our job as accredited CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ and wealth management specialists can involve helping you to understand the financial outcomes of your divorce settlement options in advance.

This analysis does not include a recommendation about which divorce settlement option is best for you.  You and your attorney must make that determination. Once you have made your decisions, we can help you to set up accounts in your name –  and work as your personal wealth advisor to execute on the division of your assets.

Our goal is to help navigate a good, clean settlement during your mediation in a timely manner and help to avoid driving your anguish – and legal fees- into the future. While in many cases it is never that easy to get divorced, you can be rest assured that our team is in your corner.

How We Can Help:

Providing an up-front inventory and ownership list of current family assets, debts and insurance- along with possible separation /divorce scenarios up front is only the starting point in our services. 

Our firm can work as your financial coach and advocate on a multitude of issues. We can help you to get financially uncluttered (and organized) in the short term- while working to help secure your financial future and retirement with your “new” life and goals in mind.  

We are here to help reduce your worries and stress so that you can focus on what’s important: YOU! Some of the next steps we can help you to review may include the following areas: 

  • Financial Planning: Providing cash flow, liquidity, retirement, tax strategies and other financial ramifications before and after your divorce.
  • Estate Planning: A review of your new (future) estate planing goals and options for your immediate family and those under your care.
  • Wealth Management: Helping you to open and to consolidate your new brokerage and retirement accounts in your name-once divorce is finalized.
  • Insurance Assessment: Helping you to access and implement your insurance needs (life, disability, long term care.
  • Retirement Readiness: Address your short term needs and your long term retirement goals at the same time. 

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